Some of the friends and ministries we resonate with…

Justin Abraham : podcaster, future gazer, bliss theologian, http://www.companyofburninghearts.com

Peta Condon: her heart is to activate and mentor others into sonship, royalty,and the knowing their oneness with the Divine, goldeneaglesoaring.weebly.com

Scott Epp: transformational speaker, influencer, trainer and abundance coach, www.abundancecoaching.com.au

Anne Hamilton: prize-winning author of 13 books, ranging from children’s fantasy to devotional theology, http://www.fire-of-roses.com and http://www.armourbooks.com

Ian Johnson: author, prophetic teacher, mentor – artist\founder & visionary at HAGM יִשְׂרָאֵל בן יְהוֹחָנָן www.hagmian.com and www.southwindfellowship.com

Kathryn Johnston: singer, writer, songwriter and photographer exploring Creation. A lover of the Light and a seeker of the Truth, https://www.kathrynmaryjohnston.com

C Baxter Kruger: editor of “The Shack Revisited,” https://www.perichoresis.org

Mark Steen: a musician who releases sounds and frequencies that recalibrate a new harmonic sound. The albums bring out the passion that he has walked along on his journey, http://www.marksteen.info

Milly and Jordan Young: musicians, song writers and writers. www.cabinacademy.com and www.camillajordan.com

Andrew Zimmerman: A prophetic Kingdom ministry with a heart for businesses and business people to reach their full potential. www.livingstrategies.com.au

Ash and Ros Field of Liberty Missions: http://libertymissions.org/

Stephen and Jocelyn Head of Heartstream Resources New Zealand: …holistic care for people in ministry, particularly cross-cultural, by fostering health (spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional), restoration and healing:



And Recommended Reading…

Robert Capon: ‘Kingdom, Grace and Judgement’

John Crowder: ‘Cosmos Reborn’

Anne Hamilton: Jesus and the Healing of History Part 1 ‘Like Wildflowers, Suddenly’ and Part 2 ‘Bent World, Bright Wings’ available on Amazon

Michael Heiser: ‘Unseen Realms’

Francois du Toit: The Mirror Study Bible

Things we’re proud of…

Job the Prophet Movie starring Greg Stigter; Producer/Director Jason Blaiklock


Symphony of the Earth Promotions:

Hear Our Call. Music Video. Written by Greg Stigter and Russ Ixer. Played and sung by Greg Stigter and Russ Ixer: Hear Our Call – Symphony of the Earth Music Video Promo

Little Blue Planet Music Video. Written by Greg Stigter. Played and sung by Greg Stigter and Russ Ixer: Little Blue Planet – the story of Young Jim Frazier

Russ Ixer and Greg Stigter music website:

RusStik – Webspace for RusStik, a musical duo comprised of Greg Stigter and Russ Ixer

Fiona Gosling – New Life’s Children’s worker. Owner of Beetroot Productions: https://www.beetrootproductions.com.au/